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Taxpayers Should Distrust the Dirt Digger – 3 Lies and Counting

I hate liars, I fucking hate liars….Mechelle Kerns..is a FUCKING LIAR. So far she has been caught in 3 LIES… This woman has some serious mental health issues… The Frederick News Post published this story about a meeting that was held concerning the Frederick Downtown Hotel and Conference Center, the DHCC. This first caught my


To Clarify what you may have read in the Frederick News Post last week. By Jane Weir

From the http://www.fredericknewspost.com/…/article_5bb4784f-8637-5e… Let me correct the misrepresentations from my perspective, Please read my comments between the lines at the *s. Taking from a side column on the July 30,2016 Frederick News Post article by Nancy Lavin. City defends against criticism of selection process A handful of local residents who are implacably against the downtown


Police Kill Nearly 25 Dogs Each Day-Evidence Below

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH COPS IN AMERICA??? Most cops wouldn’t do such a thing. Most cops are brave men who don’t resort to their firearms first rattle out of the box. Most cops have more sense. Most cops have more compassion. Most cops aren’t afraid of dogs or pretend bad men or punk


Stop the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law

A week ago, Enchanta was chained to the door of the Fraternal Order of Police for 13 hours with Movement for Black Lives activist in unison with protesters across the country to expose the FOP for who they are: the most dangerous fraternities in America.1 The Fraternal Order of Police is one of the driving forces


Jonathan Aledda needs to be fired.

He was on his back.Unarmed. With his hands in the air, yelling “don’t shoot.” But North Miami Officer Jonathan Aledda shot Charles Kinsey, a 47 year-old behavioral therapist helping an autistic patient, anyway. When Kinsey asked why he’d been shot in the leg, the officer replied “I don’t know.”1 It’s yet another case showing the


When did the Right to Life become the right to TERRORIZE??

Operation Save America (OSA) is waging its annual harass-a-thon in Wichita, Kansas, from July 16-23. They are holding daily protests in front of Planned Parenthood and the South Wind Women’s Center, complete with gory fetus posters, preaching their twisted version of the Christian bible, and badgering and shaming anyone coming to the clinics – or

Frederick Downtown Hotel & Conference Center

Concerned Citizens Public Meeting Downtown Marriott Hotel and Conference Center

Concerned Citizens Public Meeting Downtown Marriott Hotel and Conference Center   Speak your mind and hear from a group of concerned citizens Welcome All Frederick County and City Residents   July 19, 2016 6:15-7:45p.m. C.Burr Artz Public Library Community room 110 East Patrick St. Frederick, MD   Contact us for more information serenityjane@gmail.com or visit

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