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February 25, 2018

Archives for March 2014


In the last two decades, the deep-pocketed NRA has increasingly relied on the support of another constituency: the $12-billion-a-year gun industry, made up of manufacturers and sellers of firearms, ammunition and related wares. That alliance was sealed in 2005, when Congress, after heavy NRA lobbying, approved a measure that gave gun makers and gun distributors

Cars, Guns, the NRA, Piers Morgan and Alex Jones

People are always saying that Cars kill as many people as Guns,  I have this fantastic idea…let’s treat Guns like Cars Licenses that prove you are competent enough to operate a gun. In order to be able to operate a gun you would need to complete a series of gun safety and education classes, then

Pay It Forward-By A Person for the People

Kirby Delauter one of the county commissioners of Frederick County had the audacity  to write a LTE that was in the Frederick News Post, letting us know that when he has a bad day there is a saying that he often thinks of, “Adversity introduces us to ourselves”, when adversity strikes, that is when we

Only Cowards Carry Guns

Not too long ago Americans smoked cigarettes in bars and restaurants and even in elevators and on airplanes, doctors used to tell pregnant women it was okay to smoke. Smoking was socially acceptable. Sometime in the 1990’s awareness came over the social consciousness of our nation. There was concrete data that proved that cigarette smoke

Red Neck Paradise-and the Three Stooges

I have heard that we here in Frederick are often referred to as Fredneck’s and that used to bother me and I felt that was so demeaning to the citizens of this beautiful place. Redneck is a derogatory term and yet it does describe the way of life in Frederick County, we are a bunch

The Most Pro-Life Man in America: George Tiller

George Tiller often wore a button that simply said: Trust Women. He also seldom went in public without a bullet-proof vest. One part of Tiller’s abortion practice — that which he was most reviled for —involved later (post-24-week) procedures, typically for women whose wanted pregnancies had gone horribly wrong, either because of serious or lethal fetal anomalies

Incompetent Illogical Imbeciles

On Sunday March 16th Billy Shreve a member of the Board of County Commissioner’s in Frederick County wrote a letter to the editor saying the Frederick News Post should be doing more to combat the drug problem in Frederick County. The link to the letter he wrote: Billy’s LTE His exact words are: “Personally, I

After Tiller-Still No Easy Answers-Part 1

I have always been pro-choice have always felt that a child should be a choice a wanted and planned choice. You cannot force a choice on someone because it makes you feel better. I have never thought it was my right to tell anyone what they could or could not do with their own body,

Girl Scout Abortion Agenda-Seriously?

Poor Henry Flemming of Walkersville, kinda feel sorry for this delusional man, I really do. He wrote a letter to the Editor that was published today in the FNP. I really wish the FNP had not printed the letter because it makes Henry look like he is a delusional fool, but then again Henry’s letter

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