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February 25, 2018

Archives for April 2014

Blaine Young-wannabe Racketeer Of Frederick County

Racketeering refers to criminal activity that is performed to benefit an organization such as a crime syndicate. Examples of racketeering activity include extortion, money laundering, loan sharking, obstruction of justice and bribery. ________________________________ Frederick County, Maryland has its very own wannabe Racketeer, Blaine Young, the gregarious forty-something philanderer, self-proclaimed social celebrity and President of the

Michael Bloomberg, Guns and Roaring Women

Michael R. Bloomberg is my hero, know why? Because he knows money talks and is going to spend $50 million this  year roaring real loud to the N.R.A. He is going to out spend the NRA by 30 million dollars. In recent years, the N.R.A. has spent only $20 million annually on political activities. Michael

Kirby Delauter, Govern Like The Taxpayers Are Rubes

Kirby’s slogan is “Govern Like a Taxpayer”..but which taxpayer is he governing like? I need more of a definition of which taxpayer he is governing like? He is not governing like a thinking taxpayer he is governing more like he thinks taxpayers are rubes, thinking taxpayers would NOT be selling the County’s homes at a

Voices of Choice-Hear Us Roar

Comments from women about Abortion and a Woman’s Right To Choose. The women prefer to remain anonymous and are angry and scared. We have watched as our rights to control our own reproductive health have been stripped away by mainly men. Men who should have no say in what a woman can or cannot do

The Lowlifes of the New Charter Government

Patrick Allen’s latest post deserves a visual and as I read it I could not  help think of this Kid Rock song, remember how I said I love Kid Rock and to love Kid Rock you have to know Kid Rock and know that his song Low Life describes Blaine and his merry band of

Atheist-Strong Mind, God-Believer-Weak Mind ?

I am tired of living with decisions that others make based on their beliefs in an imaginary being, an imaginary being that seems to think and believe exactly how they do. When people make decisions based on a belief in an imaginary being, those decisions are not sound rational decisions. Sound rational decisions are only

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