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February 25, 2018

Archives for May 2014

Shut-Up and Sing–Not Ready to Make Nice

Songs inspire me, they move me, they motivate me, and when I know the back story about the song, the reason why the song was written, and the back story about the person singing the song, the song becomes even more powerful for me Not Ready to Make Nice, you have to know the back

Blaine Young-Part 1 of the Black Book Scandal

I realize that now 13 years later the Black Book Scandal is as intriguing to most people as it ever was, especially with the upcoming elections for the New Charter Government and especially because of one person, Blaine Young, and his alleged involvement. At the age of 29 and a married man with two step-children,

Conor Toole-Cold Dead Heart, Cold Dead Hands

I really enjoyed Conor Toole’s letter to the editor that he wrote in response to mine, Fighting Fire with Fire that was published on  April 27th, sadly my point did not penetrate his thick skull.  He is still more concerned about his rights to own a gun, which no one has even attempted to take away,

The Least That I Can Do- Is Care

If you have been reading my blog you hopefully know I am a HUGE Kid Rock fan. This song is one of my favorites because he pretty much sums up how I feel and how I think the majority of us feel. I know I can identify with song, hopefully you will as well. I

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