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February 25, 2018

Archives for June 2014

Blaine Young-Party on at Tax Payers Expense

So the week before the primary election the Frederick County Commissioners voted  to spend $700,000 to upgrade its video system because in Blaine’s world people buy a new television about every year, that was his justification to spend $700,000. Only in Blaine’s world. Party on at taxpayers expense. We all know the  county’s audiovisual equipment

Suicide Bomber-Robert F Weiler Jr.

I escorted this past Saturday again and it was boring, but also very interesting. I was a tad late and as I walked up to the clinic there were quit a few anti’s there, and I thought this should be an interesting experience. Gail and Angela were there of course and there were a couple

Home Grown Terrorist Robert F. Weiler Jr.

By now my readers of my blog should be aware that I am a clinic escort at a clinic that provides abortion. Our motto at the clinics is:  boring is good outside the clinic and for the most part it is pretty boring being an escort. Even with the anti’s there harassing the patients and

Dollars Against the Dimwits of the BoCC

So many great comments to the crybaby story today that I did a little point, counter point type of blog. Much thanks to all of you. THIS STORY IS LIKE THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. THE ONLY THING THAT COULD POSSIBLY CLEAR MR. YOUNG’S NAME AMONG THE CITIZENS IS FOR HIM TO MAKE PUBLIC

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