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February 25, 2018

Archives for August 2014

The NRA and the Zillionaires

There will be a high stake game played in Washington State between the NRA and the zillionaires, televised for all to see. The game is Initiative 594 and the stake is personal background checks for all firearms purchased, who wins the game will be decided in Washington State on November 4th at the polls and

Blaine Young’s-Minions- His Loyal Servants

Armillary’s Limerick, his word Master piece was removed from the comments day, luckily I saved it. He does seem to capture Blaine essence beautifully. His children are coping with gloom the smell of his girlfriend’s perfume when dad comes to play and they know that they are the only adult in the room. ______________________________________________________________________________ Blaine

Burn to Shine Blaine Young, Burn to Shine

When I read Blaine Young’s self-serving letter to the editor I thought of this saying Burn to Shine, I was reminded of this song “Woke Up This Morning, which is the opening song to the Soprano’s. Blaine Young is a wanna be gangster and he seems to have modeled his life after Tony Soprano. A sad

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