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February 25, 2018

Archives for March 2015

Every Gun Has A History-Let’s Not Repeat It

Over 60% of Americans think that owing a gun will make them safer. When in fact  owning a gun increases the risk of homicide, suicide and unintentional death. To make first time gun buyers think twice, we did the unthinkable. We opened a gun shop in New York City. Published on Mar 17, 2015 SHOW YOUR

Update on Frederick County’s Favorite Couple-The Young and the Reckless

For the people who just cannot seem to get enough of Frederick County’s favorite couple Blaine and Regina let me bring you up to date. Here is a time line of their “Public Affairs.” March 9th in the Frederick News Post this story broke: County puts former budget officer on paid leave to settle personnel

Break Free and Fly-Atheists Are Free From Dogma and the Chains of Religious Beliefs

Today March the 12th in the Frederick News Post they had an amazing eloquent editorial that knocked it out of the park. Sen. Ron Young, a Frederick County lawmaker, has sponsored legislation in the Senate, Delegate Shane Pendergrass, of Howard County, in the House. Support for the bill is strong — a Goucher poll found that 60

Garth Phoebus-Image Gate-You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.

ImageGate started with an Image that was on the Frederick County Council Watch Face Book page. A local photographer by the name of Garth Phoebus decided after 90 days he was upset when the photo below was screen scraped and used on The Frederick Chronicles Face Book page. Really, yes it took him 90 days to get

Censure Billy Shreve-He is a Special Kind of Stupid

This was the plan: So now Billy has decided he is just going to do this: Frederick County Councilman Billy Shreve says he will abstain from all budget-related votes while the council suffers from a lack of fiscal guidance. Shreve sidelined himself for six separate budgetary decisions during Tuesday’s council meeting, offering no explanation for his

Rules For Fools-Censure the Fools, Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve

First it was Billy Shreve pitching a fit, then this happened with Don’t say my name Kirby Delauter. Even in Frederick County we elect Nimrods into office, twice. Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter is mulling a vote of no confidence in the council president, whom he accused of “tyranny” in managing this week’s meeting agenda. Council

Jefferson Trick Park and the Bridge to Rum and Corruption

Much thanks to the Frederick Chronicles for the art work. Together with the story from the Frederick News Post and some comments that were made to the articles about the Jefferson Tech Park, I think this turned into a very informative blog. Readers take a gander at the corruption that is happening in Frederick County Maryland.

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