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February 25, 2018

Archives for June 2015

Frederick Veteran Speaks Out About Racism

I often wonder if people realize how their words define them, do they realize that their words are a dead giveaway as to who they really are? I can tell what is in a  person’s heart and see into their soul just by the words they use and how they use them. Most people don’t

Have Badge and Gun-You Are Above the Law-7 Things You Must Do Immediately If You’re the Victim of Excessive Police Force

I write my blog to impart knowledge because knowledge is power. I have learned many things in researching and writing my blog and when I come across new information I like to share.  I am sharing these following videos because Michale Hoffman makes some very good points in his videos. Learn your rights, exercise your rights.

Investigate the NRA-Please Sign This Petition

I just learned that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed formal complaints with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Federal Election Commission (FEC) calling for a formal audit of the NRA.1 As CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder noted, “The idea that the NRA, one of the most sophisticated and influential advocacy organizations in the

6-1-Narconon Is Down For the Count-Or Are They?

Dear blog readers the Frederick County Council voted Tuesday night 6 to 1 against placing Trout Run on the historical register. They were not persuaded it was historic.  Thank you County Council, thank you. The way I saw things the only way to stop Narconon was to muddy the waters, did the BZA and the Historic

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