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February 25, 2018

Archives for July 2015

Investigate the NRA-Update-Petition Was Served to the FEC and IRS

July 16th, executive director, Josh Horwitz, led a delegation to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) HQ in Washington, D.C. that delivered more than 11,000 petition signaturesto the agency. The petition called on the FEC to launch an investigation into the activities of the National Rifle Association. Petition signatures were also delivered later that day to the Internal

Please Stand With Planned Parenthood

Here is an email I received and I am passing it on. Please Stand With Planned Parenthood.   Dear Blog Readers, A couple of hours, that’s it. That’s how long it took from the moment anti-abortion activists released a secretly recorded video filled with false accusations against Planned Parenthood until politicians demanded that health centers

Who Owns Guns and Why Men Feel the Need to Carry a Gun

Several studies conducted in recent years have given us great insight into the psychology of gun ownership; meaning the beliefs and behaviors frequently exhibited by gun owners and the motivations behind them keeping weapons. After a shooting in Charleston, South Carolina claimed nine lives, President Barack Obama called for the nation to come to terms

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