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February 25, 2018

We Won-Council Repeals “Official English”-Let the Angry White-People Be Angry

ding dong the oridinance is dead

With a lot of help from my friends I created this blog post.

My sources for this blog are:

The Frederick Chronicles, The Local Yocal, #occupyfrederick and Max Neely, thanks to you for providing this info and images.

Photo Courtesy of Local Yokel

From #occupyfrederick Face Book page:

Steve Bruns.

WE WON! Council Repeals “Official English”
–Councilman Donald Reduces ProEnglish Arguments to Mush

At tonight’s meeting, the Frederick County Council voted 4 – 3, to repeal the County’s “Official English Ordinance,” which had been passed by the previous Board of County Commissioners in February 2012. Council Members Bud Otis (President), M.C. Keegan-Ayer (Vice President and co-sponsor), Jessica Fitzwater (co-sponsor) and Jerry Donald voted in the affirmative. Members Billy Shreve, Kirby Delauter, and Tony Chmelik voted “Nay.”

Tonight’s vote marks a stunning turn-around from the inflexible Tea Party ideology of the old Blaine Young BoCC. It marks a new day of welcoming and acceptance, much more in keeping with the true sentiments of our community.

Councilman Jerry Donald led the assault on the old ordinance, which had been prepared by County Attorney John Mathias, based on a “model” bill, written by the Virginia lobbying firm, ProEnglish. Donald noted the bill’s numerous exceptions, allowing the use of other languages in particular circumstances”…..and look what Max Neely uncovered.

max neely

Max Neely did  confirm with Jerry that paid activists were the original sponsors of the ordinance back in 2012.  John Tanton who is a rather nasty person who advocates for population control and the real reason he is for English Only, he firmly believes it will in some way stop non-English speakers from growing in numbers that was why he was advocating for “English Only”. Not sure logically how that makes sense, how having an “English Only Ordinance” prevents non-English speakers from pro-creating? Guess it may be a weird form of birth control in his mind.

John Tanton is responsible for creating a network of anti-immigrant organizations, including Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), and Numbers USA.

Tanton is a strict a nativist who once wrote a paper titled “The Case for Passive Eugenics.” He has openly professed his preference for white people, and once said, “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” Later in his life, Tanton tried to start an organization called the Society for Genetic Education.

Back to the meeting:

Steve Bruns states from occupyfrederick:

“Jerry then read a portion of the law, which would ‘protect English speakers from punishments or discrimination…’ “Was that a problem,” he asked Mathias?

He said the law mentions no specific prohibitions and establishes no remedies. In fact, as the law states: It “is not intended to create any course of action or authorize any legal proceedings to enforce or interpret this Ordinance.”

Donald continued his critique, saying that even the word “English” isn’t defined under the law. So, he asked Mathias to interpret what the law means and what it is actually intended to do.

Mathias answered, saying that undefined terms in the law are understood to take their meaning from the common usage. But, Donald responded, ‘English imports and uses so many words from other languages… Who will decide which words are English and which aren’t?’

At that point, Mathias became visibly upset, saying, “Are these questions rhetorical?” and “I’m getting annoyed at being used as a foil.” [Donald apologized for upsetting him.]


Well dang

Donald also asked Legislative Affairs Director Doug Browning, if the law had saved the County any money. “There has not been a discernible difference,” he answered.


Video from Last Night’s Debate and Vote to Repeal “English Only”                Photo courtesy of the Frederick Chronicles
— School Teacher Administers Lesson to County Attorney!
–Best Take-Down Ever?


At the 1:17 mark, Council Member Jerry Donald dissects the old law, demonstrating its manifest failures. The “law” failed, even to define that which it was purported to defend; i.e., What, exactly, constitutes the English language?

Under Donald’s relentless questioning, County Attorney John Mathias, one of the old law’s original backers, admits that there had been no changes made in government operations, attributable to this law.

As Donald continued with his trenchant remarks, Mathias became visibly upset, asking, “Are these questions rhetorical?” And then complaining, “I don’t appreciate being your foil… It’s getting a little annoying, frankly…”

Photo from The Frederick Chronicles

mathias to Donald



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