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February 25, 2018

Archives for January 2016

“Drift Away”-Dobie Gray- 1973

I have added Rock N Roll as a category because everyone needs a break from politics. For my first Rock N Roll blog I am going to start with this song because the lyrics explain how I feel when I listen to Rock N Roll. I cannot explain it any better than these lyrics do.

Point-Counter Point-Democrat VS Republican

Jack Atkinson wrote  this letter to editor on 01/06/2016 in response to Sheryl Massaro’s column she wrote on 12/29/2015. Sheryl stopped by in the comment section of Jack’s letter and responded to his letter, countering his points with hers. Her comments are in blue and Jack’s are in red. I thought by splicing them together you could see the

Bravo Mr. President, the NRA Cannot Hold America Hostage

President Barack Obama, noting the more than 300,000 firearm-related US deaths over the past decade, announced executive orders Tuesday aimed at reducing gun violence. It is a great start and BRAVO for this President, who has been and still is “the only adult in the room”. I personally would like to see all concealed carry weapon

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