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February 25, 2018

Archives for May 2016

Black Readers Deserve More Than Words

As one of the largest booksellers, and the largest ebook retailer, the power of Amazon to influence the success or failure of products cannot be overstated. How a book is classified, listed, and ranked by genre, section, or algorithmic determination directly affects how many copies are sold.174% of all US ebook purchases and 71% of

When Will Violent Police be Held Accountable?

Monday, Freddie Gray’s family and the people of Baltimore were denied justice when Judge Barry G. Williams refused to hold Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero accountable for Freddie’s death. This injustice sends a clear message: Black communities cannot rely on law enforcement to protect their lives or the justice system to protect them from police

Build Baby Build…Not So Fast-Do You Really Want To Build On a Toxic Waste Dump?

I wrote this letter to the editor concerning the contamination of the proposed site that the Frederick downtown hotel/conference center is to be built on. Based on the comments to my letter I was surprised to learn how unconcerned people were about the contamination. Me, along with many others are greatly concerned about the contamination

Signature needed: Allow vital research that could prevent gun violence-Tell Congress: “Lift the ban on federal gun violence research.”

Gun violence kills 80 Americans every day, yet politicians beholden to the NRA refuse to fund research that would help us fight this epidemic of preventable deaths. This is a clear example of the NRA’s inappropriate and dangerous level of influence in Washington. It’s unacceptable that the gun lobby can keep scientists from determining how

Hey You Anti’s Get a Life While You Still Can

I haven’t blogged about escorting lately mainly because there is nothing really to blog about. I am still escorting at least once a month, sometimes twice, depends on the need. For the most part is it fucking BORING….but that is how we like it….fucking BORING. Because that is what is best for the patients…BORING. Yesterday

Stingrays are Stinging Law Enforcement in the ASS and Harming Us.

Interesting editorial in the Frederick News Post about Stingrays, though they didn’t actually name the technology they were writing about. It was a fascinating editorial explains the conundrum that law enforcement is in because they are using this secret technology, and because they don’t want to reveal the secret technology they are using criminals are not

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