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February 25, 2018

Archives for July 2016

Stop the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law

A week ago, Enchanta was chained to the door of the Fraternal Order of Police for 13 hours with Movement for Black Lives activist in unison with protesters across the country to expose the FOP for who they are: the most dangerous fraternities in America.1 The Fraternal Order of Police is one of the driving forces

Write to oppose 1 Million more grant for the Downtown Hotel Project

As many of you undoubtedly know we’ve stumbled into a pile of Frederick City invoices that seem to illustrate the Downtown Hotel Procurement was RIGGED. They  show the Hotel Development Consultant Jones, Lang LaSalle worked 80 hours with Plamondon and only 4.5 with Wormald before the Request for Proposals ever went out. We’ve spoken with

Frederick Downtown Hotel & Conference Center a Leech on the Taxpayer

In 2009, a group of community partners identified the need for a full service hotel with conference center space in Downtown Frederick, Maryland. The group was comprised of business leaders, elected officials, and economic development partners. To explore the idea further, the Downtown Frederick Hotel Advisory Committee was formed. To confirm the need for the

Please write a letter to oppose 1 Million more State grant funding for Downtown Hotel and CC

From my friend Jane Weir: Hi Friends, We need you to help us stop the stream of public funding for the Downtown Hotel and CC. Here’s a way to help. Please take a moment to write an e-mail to Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development’s communications director Sara Luell.sara.luell@maryland.gov Even after we spoke out

CAMPAIGN VICTORY UPDATE: RNC admits it’s short millions of dollars!

Dear Blog Readers: Because of our work together, the Republican National Convention (RNC) has fallen millions of dollars short of funding Trump’s coronation!1   Here in Cleveland at the convention, and the impact of our campaign is clear – this convention is a disaster for the GOP! Together we pressured two dozen major corporations to

When did the Right to Life become the right to TERRORIZE??

Operation Save America (OSA) is waging its annual harass-a-thon in Wichita, Kansas, from July 16-23. They are holding daily protests in front of Planned Parenthood and the South Wind Women’s Center, complete with gory fetus posters, preaching their twisted version of the Christian bible, and badgering and shaming anyone coming to the clinics – or

Concerned Citizens Public Meeting Downtown Marriott Hotel and Conference Center

Concerned Citizens Public Meeting Downtown Marriott Hotel and Conference Center   Speak your mind and hear from a group of concerned citizens Welcome All Frederick County and City Residents   July 19, 2016 6:15-7:45p.m. C.Burr Artz Public Library Community room 110 East Patrick St. Frederick, MD   Contact us for more information serenityjane@gmail.com or visit

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