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February 25, 2018

Archives for August 2016

The Frederick Chronicles & The Frederick News Post Working Together to Expose the Lies of Archeologist Mechelle Kerns

First The Frederick Chronicles did its job and exposed  that principle archaeologist Dr. Mechelle Kerns as a liar then the Frederick News Post also exposed Dr. Kerns as a liar. Together they have cast some serious doubt on the honesty and objectivity of Dr. Kerns. This also should cast some serious doubt…… Ms. Mechelle Kerns, Birely

Deaf Man Killed by Cop Was “Afraid” of Police Because of Their Inability to Deal with Deaf People – Please Donate-Make Daniel a HERO

What if this happened to my son, this very easily could have happened to my son, my youngest son is 26 and is profoundly deaf, just like Daniel. …..Please donate to Daniel’s family. The family is raising funds to cover Daniel’s  memorial and cremation expenses (details below).  Any monies left over will be used to set

Taxpayers Should Distrust the Dirt Digger – 3 Lies and Counting

I hate liars, I fucking hate liars….Mechelle Kerns..is a FUCKING LIAR. So far she has been caught in 3 LIES… This woman has some serious mental health issues… The Frederick News Post published this story about a meeting that was held concerning the Frederick Downtown Hotel and Conference Center, the DHCC. This first caught my

Facebook shut down her account. Then police killed her.

Facebook just took away one of the most important tools we have to help hold police accountable – social media. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, at the request of police, deactivated the social media accounts of Korryn Gaines, a 23-year-old Black woman shot to death by Baltimore County police last Monday. She was broadcasting the standoff on

Sheriff Raids Good Cop’s Home, for Alleged ‘Crime’ of Exposing Political Corruption on Facebook

This is BULLSHIT….and what may happen when you call out the bad guys..I am reposting this from The Free Thought Project…cause it needs to go viral. Houma, LA – In Terrebonne Parish, if you want to expose corruption of local politicians, don’t be surprised when cops invade your home and seize your property. The owner

To Clarify what you may have read in the Frederick News Post last week. By Jane Weir

From the http://www.fredericknewspost.com/…/article_5bb4784f-8637-5e… Let me correct the misrepresentations from my perspective, Please read my comments between the lines at the *s. Taking from a side column on the July 30,2016 Frederick News Post article by Nancy Lavin. City defends against criticism of selection process A handful of local residents who are implacably against the downtown

Downtown hotel project: a lot of CORRUPTION that was a long time in the making

Sunday there was this fluff piece in the Frederick News Post about the Downtown Hotel/Conference probably written because of the heat the project is under. It was quite telling that no one would go on the record except Richard Griffin and Peter Plamondon….. I have feeling there are many other people that have been left

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