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February 25, 2018

Archives for October 2016

Hold Sen. Jeff Sessions accountable for sanctioning sexual assault

After months of standing by Donald Trump despite his racist, sexist, xenophobic and violent rhetoric, some hypocritical Republican politicians are finally distancing themselves from Trump after The Washington Post published recordings of Trump boasting about serial sexual assault. Yet one prominent right-wing Republican Senator – Alabama’s Jeff Sessions – is moving toward Trump, not away.

Edward Hargis Responds to Whistle Blower Email

These are the responses I received from Edward Hargis when I asked him about the whistle blower email. Not really informative…   Ms. Larson,   In response to the Whistleblower Concern that was sent to the City of Frederick on October 1, 2016, I am supplying the following information for your review.     Article

Black Children Punished for Anthem Protests-Parents threatened with arrest after children protest anthem

The young 11 and 12-year-boys of the Beaumont Bulls football team have been harshly punished for silently protesting the national anthem.1 After these kids knelt during the anthem to protest police violence against Black youth, their local executive board canceled their entire football season, suspended the coaching staff, and threatened to arrest their parents if they

Violation of the FOP contract with Frederick City-Can the public trust the City Government to properly oversee and manage a contract on the hotel-conference center, if you won’t enforce a written contract with the FOP ?

In a previous whistleblower email sent to the mayor & alderman about three weeks ago, it was revealed that city police vehicles have been effectively issued as take home vehicles to officers who live outside the corporate limits of the city of Frederick, in violation of the current written contract between the FOP and the


Since it appears that Jan Gardner is now supporting TIF’s…we as taxpayers should be able to qualify for a TIF, tax incremental financing. Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner’s support of a $2.8 million TIF for the proposed downtown hotel and conference center was called into question at last week’s County Council meeting. Tax-increment financing, or TIF,

Taxpayers Should Be Asking “Am I eligible for a TIF if I make an addition to my home? If not why not?”

The proponents of the City & County TIFs for the Downtown Hotel & Conference Center sound like a broken record: no risk to taxpayers, no use of existing taxpayer dollars, etc. Those kind of statements contain enough grains of truth in them to avoid being outright lies. Hence it is difficult to draw the attention

DH&CC – Draft of Proposed Guaranty by Peter H. Plamondon, Jr. of Developer’s MOU Obligations-Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It is certainly fair to ask Mr. Plamondon to put his money where his mouth is. It is also fair to request elected officials to require his personal guaranty before they make the MOU. But will he and will the elected officials require his personal guaranty before they make the MOU? I have emailed the

Public should be asking “Who” drafted the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING for the Frederick Downtown Conference Center

The AGENDA for the Wednesday Oct 5th, 3 PM CITY WORKSHOP says, the MOU was negotiated between Plamondon, City, County, MSA and Maryland Economic Development Corporation…MEDCO. That is a 5 party agreement. But WHO drafted it…we don’t know…????? If the Downtown hotel project can’t get Maryland Stadium Authority to issue the 20 Million dollar BOND

October 5, at 3 in the afternoon a City workshop! Come and speak up about the Frederick Downtown Hotel and Conference Center

From the FoFC Downtown Marriott Watch Face Book page taxpaying public needs to attend this meeting, from Jane Weir and Peter Samuel UPDATE: Now instead of Monday the 4 party or joint MOU will be available “prior to the meeting.” Wednesday October 5th at 3 pm Please come! The new Memorandum of Understanding will only be available

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