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February 25, 2018

Archives for January 2017

The future of the Supreme Court-Defend The Supreme Court

Our fascist president is about to nominate someone to fill Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat – the same seat Senate Republicans stole from President Barack Obama. Trump has promised he will nominate someone ready to follow in Scalia’s extremist footsteps, which could guarantee another generation under a conservative Supreme Court that wages war on women,

Trump Is Grabbing Our Pussies-Trump is Gutting the Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women programs

From the UltraViolet team please sign and pass along…. We’re SO so so inspired by the energy, commitment and passion we witnessed at the Women’s Marches all over the country this weekend! And now we urgently need to mobilize that energy towards stopping Trump’s dangerous agenda–the Trump administration just announced plans to gut the Department of

I am a Nasty Woman and ‘Our pussies ain’t for grabbing’-Mr. Trump

Ashley Judd was one of the many celebrity speakers at the Women’s March on Washington Saturday. But instead of delivering a speech of her own, Judd gave voice to the words of a 19-year-old Tennessean woman named Nina Donovan, performing a poem by Donovan called “I am a nasty woman.” …I am a Nasty Woman…..this poem

It’s Trump’s party, and he’ll cry if He wants to because No One Wants to Come to His InUrination

60 Democrats (and counting) are not attending the Trump inauguration Many performers have already turned down the opportunity to perform at the inauguration due to not supporting Trump and now Democratic leaders are following suit. USA TODAY NETWORK Congressional Democrats may have accepted the outcome of the election by now, but that doesn’t mean they have

Get Rid Of Officer Ruben De Los Santos Who Body Slammed 15-year-old Jasmine Darwin

Last week, 15-year-old Jasmine Darwin was was recorded being body slammed by a police officer who works at Rolesville High School in Rolesville, North Carolina.1 The video captures Officer Ruben De Los Santos picking Jasmine up over his head and throwing her body to the ground. Jasmine is suffering from a concussion and Officer De Los

Disrespect Invites Disrespect, Violence Begets Violence-on Nov 8th 2016 America’s heart WAS BROKEN

I will never forget Sophie’s Choice, never forget the powerful performance of Ms. Streep. Her heart wrenching choice was permanently etched in my soul,  it was a choice that haunted Sophie until her death. Meryl Streep is one awe inspiring actress. Also one of my favorites…. I was very angry when Donald Trump called her

Keith Olberman-“There is something really, really wrong with him,” If You Are Still Supporting Trump, You Need to Watch This

“There is something really, really wrong with him” Keith runs down a list of bizarre tweets and public statements from Trump including his wildly tone-deaf holiday greetings and sycophantic tweets sucking up to Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin. “Who defends a Russian dictator ahead of an American president?” demanded Olbermann. “Any American president?” “There’s something wrong

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