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February 25, 2018

Archives for March 2017

Republicans: Stop playing politics with our democracy-Tell House Republican leaders: Remove Rep. Nunes as head of the House Intelligence Committee

We may never find out the truth about Donald Trump and Russia if his Republican minions in Congress are in charge of the investigation. Last week, one of Trump’s most loyal Congressional lapdogs – House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes – went around his committee to share classified intelligence directly with the press and

Who Polices the Police and the Media? This Is How Easy It Is For Cops and The Media to Paint the Victim as the Bad Guy

Who Polices the Police and the Media?  No one really, the media and the police work hand in hand to ensure that victims are painted as bad guys especially if the victim is black. I wrote this blog a few weeks ago about the media and how you should be aware of how the media

Democrats: Defend the Supreme Court from Donald Trump’s extremism

Donald Trump is a racist and a fascist. His extremist Republican party is committed to a xenophobic and misogynistic agenda. Together, they want to build a Supreme Court that will legitimize their hateful policies, undo decades of civil rights progress and destroy the foundations of our democracy. Senate Democrats are the only firewall we have

Trump Did Say he Loved the Poorly Educated–Guess What-Trump’s biggest supporters are uneducated white men

I agree with Samantha Bee’s statement above, pathetic white fuckboys have indeed ruined the world. Didn’t Trump say he loved the poorly educated? He did, guess they love him too, because the poorly educated white men were his biggest supporters, go figure and we all got fucked. And when they lose their health care insurance

5 Things You Need To Know About Trump Care

It’s been one week since Trumpcare was unveiled—and the American public is seething. Polls show just 31% support it, while some Republicans are even breaking ranks over how awful it is.1 UltraViolet members have already logged over 1,000 calls and are planning massive protests at Congressional town halls next weekend. But despite the huge backlash,

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