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February 25, 2018

Archives for April 2017

Sign the petition to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: “Don’t kill net neutrality. Preserve the FCC’s Title II authority to protect the internet.”

Grassroots activists won an epic victory two years ago when together we pushed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to pass strong net neutrality rules. Hundreds of thousands of CREDO members and millions of others fought for years to protect the free and open internet with net neutrality – the principle that internet providers must treat

Melania Trump-Really Not Interested In Being First Lady

Until November 8, Melania Trump’s marriage provided her with a golden Fifth Avenue fortress, at a price—putting up with her husband’s humiliations and boorishness. From Melania’s ill-fated campaign appearances to her apparent reluctance to embrace the role of First Lady: how a very private woman is coping with the intense public scrutiny of her marriage. Trump

The President needs a baby-sitter…..OMG…. Trump gets into trouble if he’s out of the sight of his minders for more than an hour.

Some of President Donald Trump’s top aides worry that too much of his time is unsupervised, which — in the past — has led to serious unforced errors that undermine him and his administration. Politico said on Saturday that Trump likes to keep large chunks of time on his daily schedule open because — as

How we got O’Reilly fired-Thanks to you, Bill O’Reilly Is Toast

You just took down one of the biggest names in American media and politics. Thanks to you, Bill O’Reilly won’t be returning to Fox News. The announcement came Wednesday morning, less than a day after survivors of sexual assault, UltraViolet members, and our friends at Color of Change and others took to Fox News offices to demand this

Trump supporters are angry they’re not ‘winning–and it’s very doubtful Trump will win at Anything-EVER

A New York Times profile of Trump supporters in Pennsylvania revealed all of the work Trump has been doing isn’t helping them and they’re starting to lose hope. I’m not normally a person that wallows in others misfortunes, but I love these articles of unhappy Trump voters. You vote for a conman, you get a conman.

Tell the Senate: No anti-LGBTQ extremist as Army secretary-Block bigot Sen. Green as Army Secretary

Another anti-LGTBQ bigot in the Trump administration? Donald Trump recently announced that he is nominating Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green to be the new Army Secretary of the United States.1 Sen. Green has dedicated his political career to fostering inequality and bigotry based on religious ideology, and there’s no reason to believe that would stop

Sign the petition: White supremacist Steve Bannon must vacate the White House

The white-supremacist-in-chief is losing his power. Last week, Trump caved to a combination of in-fighting and public pressure and ousted white supremacist Steve Bannon from his position on the National Security Council (NSC).1 But while Trump is trying to publicly distance himself from Bannon,2 Bannon is reportedly still sitting in sensitive meetings and still has

Justice for the Jax 5-Tell State Attorney Nelson: Protect People Not Police!

Freedom of speech is becoming even more of a crime under Trump’s reign. This weekend during an anti-Syrian war protest, a Trump supporter antagonized peaceful protesters, storming the speakers’ platform and physically assaulting them to start a fight. Instead of helping, four police officers tackled and brutalized the action organizer Connell Crooms, one of a few

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