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February 25, 2018

Texas police officer fired BUT Roy Oliver Needs to Be ARRESTED and Criminally CHARGED

Last night a member of the Balch Springs police department was fired for murdering an unarmed 15-year old named Jordan Edwards. But even after blatantly lying to the public about the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting, the police chief in Balch Springs still refuses to bring justice to the Edwards family by arresting that former officer.

This is not a problem for one community to solve alone. In every city across the country, rogue police officers continue to escape justice for killing children like Jordan. Until we are all willing to demand justice and accountability, families will continue to have their children ripped away by those who pledge to protect and serve our communities. Will you join DFA by signing the petition from Color of Change calling for Jordan Edwards’s killer to be charged with a crime for his actions and bring justice to the Edwards family? — Brieanna Fisher, Social Media Manager, Democracy For America


My thoughts….

All of the officers involved who made no attempt to stop the attacks on these boys should be fired and arrested as accomplices to the murder of Jordan. They lied. The illegally detained the surviving victims and traumatized them.

A path to better relationships between the police and the public:

1. hold police officers to a higher standard of accountability than the general public. As things stand, they are operating above the laws that the rest of us have to follow.

2. if a police officer breaks the law, treat them like any other citizen. without fail. We cannot have 2 sets of laws based on your occupation and remain a civilized nation

3. When an officer violates the civil rights of a citizen, murders that citizen, assaults that citizen and loses their civil suit, the settlement money MUST come from the officer and the officer’s pension fund, not the the tax payers.

4. Hire better officers, drug test them thoroughly throughout their tenure, and empower good cops to safely testify against criminals in the ranks. As things stand now, being a good cop could get you killed by your own guys

5. clean out that cesspool of blue wall lies, bad cops, coverups, and demanding that the public support cops no matter what they are caught doing.

  • Once a police officer has been caught telling a dishonest narrative that conflicts with video and/or the statements of multiple witnesses, then the officer cannot be trusted going forward. Cops frequently lie to make arrests, they routinely lie on sworn reports to prosecute, they frequently lie under oath in court to convict – yet gullible Americans continue to accept police dishonesty. Silence about police misconduct is acceptance/tolerance of police misconduct.

    Since We The People grant police such generous – almost automatic – benefit of the doubt and the power to ultimately take our lives or our freedom, then by gosh we should at least have the collective self-respect to demand honesty.

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