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February 25, 2018

No one cared what either of these two idiots had to say. Which is awesome. Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview Had Lower Ratings Than A Game-Show Rerun

After days of intense debate over Megyn Kelly’s interview with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Sunday night’s rerun of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” appeared to have picked up more viewers than the controversial segment, an analysis found.

In the end, the fierce dispute over whether Kelly should have given air time to Jones seems to have garnered a lot more attention than her interview with him.

With 3.5 million viewers, this week’s airing of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” came in last place among the four major networks during the coveted 7 p.m. time slot, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Poor NBC. Their recycled, bubble headed bleach blonde from Fox interviewing the King of Crazy Conspiracies placed 3rd in the ratings? If only they had someone competent doing the hiring.

Props America! I was worried you might tune in out of curiosity, but thank you for making the right choice. That’s great she couldn’t even beat America’s Funniest Home videos. BWAHAHA.

Memo to NBC: No one is interested in a show that a features a pretentious ex-Fox bobblehead as host, no matter who the hell she’s “interviewing”. Once a GOPer propagandist, always a GOPer propagandist. Taking your network further to the right, isn’t going to bring you higher ratings. And BTW fuck Andy Lack for getting rid of Tamron Hall in favor of Megyn Kelly.

Andy Lack, President of NBC/ MSNBC is a 70 year-old man from the Ailes Era. The fact that men like Lack still rule the networks is an indicator that they will stick to their failing business models. Lack, right now, is trying to turn MSNBC into some kind of a smart version of Fox. That is an oxymoron of course. Right-wingers that you couldn’t pay most to watch, Lack has hired them. Greta Van Suestern, Hugh Hewitt, Nichole Wallace have been given shows. Lack went digging through the moth balls to find the old stodgy, always wrong, sexually repressed, George Will. A man that is excruciating to watch– and whose time has long passed. Now he is a MSNBC contributor. His rewarding of failures is unbelievable. But paying Megyn Kelly 25 million to come to NBC proves the man is an indisputable fool.

Lack, like Alies, thought that having a surgically enhanced, botoxed,bleached blonde, with no personality, no depth, or real knowledge, was all that was needed. It didn’t matter what she said. After all, people would tune in just to look at her. Well, that shyte is over. Attractive blondes reading teleprompters won’t suffice today. Rachel Maddow and Joy Reed are the template for media, now. However, according to Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, Lack despises his liberal hosts. Never mind, they have record breaking ratings.

Megyn Kelly was born in the wrong decade. People these days don’t go in for the “Jimmy Hoffa’s Tomb” stunts, or the Jerry Springer level crazy. She needs to get in a time machine and go back to 1990. The only reason Fox worked for her is because it had its human resources stuck in 1950, its propaganda model in the 1930s, its fashion for women in the 1960s, its economic model from the 1980s.


If you are part of the tinfoil hat/chemtrails crowd that Jones fleeces, you’re not going to trust the “liberal media”.

If you’re not an unhinged idiot, you already knew that Jones is a piece of filth who lies to his audience.

What is to watch?

I guess the circus aspect might be fun enough to justify trying to overcome my gag reflex in different times, but we have quite enough sideshow going on already with Cheeto Benito, thank you very much.

I suspect that more people already KNOW who Alex Jones is and didn’t want to subject themselves to him regardless of what the slant was. He is just too thoroughly detestable to want to watch anything but his being shot into space without a suit or rocket.

And just maybe people don’t WANT to watch a Faux Noise bimbo anywhere but on Faux. Why let them pollute the rest of the country? Just more normalization of the abnormal that we DON’T need. And really, do you think she was putting him on network TV for the WARNING she tried to say it was? I doubt it. She is still a Faux hound, it’s all she knows how to do.

I hope she keeps losing ratings as she goes on, so that by the time the summer is over, she is just as irrelevant as possible. Maybe even dropped from NBC entirely. A revenue drain doesn’t last long in that industry.

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