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February 25, 2018

The man who killed Jordan Edwards indicted for a 2nd crime!

A grand jury in Dallas just indicted Roy Oliver, the officer who killed Jordan Edwards, on aggravated assault charges in ANOTHER incident of police misconduct.1 Just two weeks before Roy Oliver killed Jordan Edwards, he jumped out of his car and pulled a gun on a driver in a fender bender accident, putting the driver’s life and others in danger. He was off duty when the car accident occurred. Yet the officers on the scene of the car accident claimed Roy Oliver did nothing wrong. Meanwhile, justice is still not served for Jordan Edwards and his family. Roy Oliver, the Balch Springs, TX officer who shot and killed Jordan Edwards should have never been a cop — and should not have been on the streets with a gun.

This killer has is known for having a history of anger issues and still remained a cop. Now Jordan Edwards is gone and his family continues to mourn. Already over 35,000 Color of Change members have signed the petition to demand a special prosecutor and the indictment of Roy Oliver.  will you sign the petition today? The entire Balch Springs police department must be held accountable and it’s time to ensure there’s a thorough, transparent investigation. No one involved in the murder of Jordan Edwards should go unchecked. The Edwards family has suffered enough.

Sign the petition

Let’s keep demanding justice for Jordan,

Rashad Robinson, and the rest of the Color of Change Team

P.S. Check out the original email we sent below:


1. “Former Texas Officer Who Killed Teen Indicted For 2nd Crime,” CBS DFW, 06-22-2017 http://act.colorofchange.org/go/8089?t=6&akid=7657.1603708.3ZlnzP

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