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February 25, 2018

Archives for July 2017

Colin Kaepernick is being black balled. Prove the Ravens ownership wrong- call their office now at (912) 501-3917 and tell them you support Kaepernick!

Colin Kaepernick is being black balled. Let’s ride for him. Multiple reports confirm that NFL owners, many of whom were major contributors to Trump’s inauguration,1 are refusing to even talk to the same quarterback who led the 49ers to their first Super Bowl appearance in almost 20 years. The Baltimore Ravens have publicly said that Ravens’ fans

Tell the FBI director: Investigate Ivanka Trump. Click here to sign the petition.

The petition to the FBI director reads: “Investigate whether Ivanka Trump fully disclosed her own, her husband’s and her brother’s meetings with Russian officials when she applied for her security clearance.” Donald Trump and his Republican lapdogs are doing everything they can to sweep his Russia scandals under the rug. We have to do everything we

Tell Congress: Stop warrantless spying on Americans-Sign the petition: No warrant, no spying on Americans

Tell Congress: Stop warrantless spying on Americans The petition to Congress reads: “We demand strong reforms to the government’s surveillance powers under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Reject the permanent reauthorization of Section 702 – or any reauthorization lacking reforms that prevent innocent Americans’ personal communications from being swept up, stored in

Tell Macy’s: Stop promoting the Trump White House and remove Ivanka Trump clothing from your stores.

So the White House announced that this week is “Made in America” week–except that a top advisor to, and daughter of the President, Ivanka Trump makes absolutely none of the products on her fashion line in the United States.1 But even worse is that Ivanka–who has made herself out to be the White House’s leading

ALERT: Trump Quietly Makes CRUEL Move Against Teen Girls – This Is HEARTLESS

While the rest of the country talks about health care, the Trump administration just took $214 million out of teen pregnancy prevention programs across the U.S. More than 80 different organizations will soon lose funding due to these deep budget cuts. These cuts will affect several notable institutions of health around the country, including the Chicago Department of Public Health,

Inform rapist before an abortion?!—NO

Arkansas has just passed a law requiring a woman to inform a man–even if it’s her rapist–before she gets an abortion. Will you chip in $5 to help fight back? In an absolutely brutal attack on reproductive freedom, Arkansas just passed a law requiring a woman to inform the man who impregnated her before she can

Sign the petition: We need hearings on Amazon and Whole Foods

Petition to members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees: “Hold hearings on the Amazon-Whole Foods merger and investigate the potential for Amazon’s growing monopoly to cost jobs, lower wages, and crush local businesses.” Wall Street loves corporate mergers and acquisitions. Big banks, unethical hedge funds, and rich CEO’s all make millions by pushing big

Sign the petition: Ban this brain-damaging pesticide

California has a major opportunity to ban a dangerous pesticide that damages children’s brains, sickens farmworkers and communities living near farms, and is unsafe at any level.(1) Chlorpyrifos is sprayed on fruits and vegetables like strawberries, broccoli, apples, and oranges, and it gets absorbed into the food — which means that it can’t simply be rinsed

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