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February 25, 2018

Is Donald Trump The Worst Human Being Ever—Pretty Much

From the Raw Story….

Is Trump the worst human being we can imagine? Here’s what 14 experts have to say

Never in My 57yrs have I’ve been so Embarrassed for Our Nation …….What a Farce this is..and the Blatant GOP Hypocrisy is Stunning! I’m sickened ..

I think Trump is trying to see just how many times he can violate all of the seven deadly sins, before he dies. He pretty much covers all of them on a daily basis I’m sure.

I don’t know why the Republicans are always talking about “entitlements”, when we have the poster child for the word sitting in the Oval Office. Trump seems to think that he’s entitled to do whatever he wants to, including skip out on an international summit of twenty world leaders, where he had his daughter take his place, as though she were “next in line for the throne” or something.

He has all the qualities that shouldn’t be allowed in a president. He’s narcissistic, egotistic, selfish, avaricious, and sociopathic. Those aren’t traits you want in the leader of a nation of people. This nation should be led by someone with empathy, generosity, kindness, and most of all, humility.

Donald Trump has none of these traits. Not a single blessed one…

He is everything everyone cited has said and more but the truly frightening aspect to trump is the millions of Americans who endorse, admire and seek to emulate everything he is and stands for.

Imagine how insane about a third of Murka has become, that they are willing to turn US into a Dark Ages Dominionist dystopean hellhole that is ruled by the 01% and enslaved by Cossacks.

I think Trump is the worst American president, not the worst human. Even as current country leaders go, he isn’t the worst. Kim Jong Un, Erdogan and Putin are worse. Trump is more like Mugabe without the muscle…an idiot in power. The smart ones are much more dangerous and insidious. Then of course there are serial killers, criminal kingpins, psychopathic gang leaders, and child sex traffickers who are far worse humans.

Because Trump is most widely known doesn’t make him the worst, just the most unwanted human. There is a difference.

And when it comes down to it…I blame Republican congress for letting this happen and continue happening, much more than I blame Trump for being who he’s always been. Don’t get me wrong, I despise Trump, but it’s the Republicans who set up someone like him getting to power in the first place (think back to the first Republican clown car), and it’s the Republicans who are keeping him there as long as they think he’s useful for their selfish greedy plans.

THEY are the worst humans I can imagine. Just look at their record, the laws they make, the gleeful way they screw over our country and others, kowtowing to their rich donors and building a dangerous crazy voter base, cheating with voting laws to subvert democracy, approving Trump’s gobsmakingly destructive cabinet, and refusing to take this treasonous moron out of the White House. The list of crimes toward the country and humanity that Republican congress has committed is unbelievably long. THEY are running the show. THEY are “the worst” and Trump gets nothing without them.

The “reason” Trump is “seen” as being so bad, is because he -represents an entire party- of -like minded scum-. Trump is, for all intent and purpose, the manifestation of the Republican Party.

And America and the world dislike right-wing extremists; the abuse, the vile behavior, the ignorance.. And that is exactly what Modern Conservatism is, at it’s core. Disgusting.

The question is, since that party has managed to hijack our entire government.. what can/will we do about it? If they succeed in destroying our ability to “vote them out” in the next election, if they steal another election cycle.. how long do we sit and wait and wring our hands before we take action? What action -can- we take? Will they force the Tree of Liberty to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike?

The nightmare we are living through is far worse than the one we imagined. However, on a more important point Trump has exposed the very real and very dangerous shortcomings and weaknesses within our government and electoral system. Although our system of checks and balances has served us well for two centuries the truth is it has relied on the personal honor, integrity and honesty of the individuals who work within that system. In Donald Trump we have a man that possess none of those traits and is more akin to Freddy Kruger in his rapacious lust for power and fame.

If we survive this we MUST look at implementing serious structural reforms and oversight in order to prevent another monster from attaining the highest office in the land. A Democratic, open and transparent government is in the interests of all Americans and we must fight in order to save it.

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