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January 21, 2018

Archives for September 2017

Kick Killer Cops Out of Our Community! Tell MPD To Fire The Gun Recovery Unit!

We just started a petition titled “Kick Killer Cops Out of Our Community! Tell MPD To Fire The Gun Recovery Unit!” On August 9, 2017, Law for Black Lives–DC members viewed a publicly-posted photograph of seventeen members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Gun Recovery Unit (GRU), including Officer Michael Vaillancourt inside of what appears to be

Stand with Black athletes-Tell the NFL: Support the players’ platform for racial equality and Unity Month

Once again, 45 has proven that Black people are nothing more than property to him. In response, athletes and individuals around the league and our country united to fight back. Now, we’re calling on owners to reject Trump’s words by doing more than linking arms with players but actually working to protect their safety, rights, and

Voting Is Not A Crime Georgia! Tell Attorney General Carr not to press charges!

The State of Georgia is once again targeting people for helping Black voters exercise their freedom to vote. Secretary of State Brian Kemp recommended that Attorney General Christopher Carr charge fourteen canvassers with a felony facing up to ten years in prison and a one-hundred thousand dollar fine, for incorrect voter registration forms.1 There were just 53

St. Louis police trampled a woman-Tell the St. Louis Mayor: Take a stand against police violence. Protect the right to protest in your city.

Police are out of control in St. Louis, and the Mayor has done nothing to stop them. Over the weekend of protests following the not-guilty verdict absolving Jason Stockley of accountability in the killing of Anthony Lamar Smith, police have taunted protesters saying Ferguson-era chants like “Whose streets? Our streets?”1–in the same manner of neo-nazi terrorists

ESPN silencing Black journalist for speaking out on racism

Monday night on Twitter, ESPN SportsCenter host Jemele Hill called Donald Trump “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” Because of this, ESPN has publicly reprimanded her and the White House has taken the unprecedented step of calling for her to be fired – a clear assault on the First Amendment. 1 2 Tell

Sign the petition for Michael Bennett-Release the names of officers that assaulted NFL player Michael Bennett.

Today marks the first Sunday of the NFL season and dozens of players across the league are expected to participate in protests against police violence and white supremacy during the national anthem. Michael Bennett is one of the players protesting and he took his fight for accountability to the next level this week by telling his own story

A lifetime of Trump’s hateful agenda

Donald Trump is setting a record pace of nominating young, extreme right-wing judges for lifetime appointments to the bench, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is the only group that can stop him.1 Letting Trump stack the courts while he and his administration are under investigation for possible collusion with the Russian government was bad enough.

He called the police on Hurricane Harvey victims looking for food

He called the police on them for trying to get food. ABC News anchor, Tom Llamas, in Houston to report on Hurricane Harvey, spotted Texans who had recently lost everything entering a grocery store. Instead of reporting on the desperate circumstances with compassion, he actually diverted first responder resources that could be used to save stranded families–and

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