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January 21, 2018

Tell Mark Burnett and MGM Television to release the tapes!-We deserve to know what’s on the Trump tapes

Trump just sexually harassed Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Twitter, less than an hour after denying sexual harassment, assault, and rape allegations by nearly two dozen women.1 His comment lewdly suggested that Sen. Gillibrand would perform sexual favors to get a campaign donation from him.

While dozens of other politicians and celebrities continue to face consequences for their sexual misconduct – Trump continues to get a free pass. But pressure against Trump is mounting. Nearly 60 Democratic female lawmakers are calling for a formal investigation into Trump’s sexual misconduct, and 4 Democratic Senators are calling on him to resign.2 3

With the possibility of an investigation into Trump’s sexual misconduct on the cusp of becoming a reality – we need all evidence of Trump’s misbehavior to be made public. This includes the still locked away Apprentice tapes that are reportedly “much worse” than Trump’s grotesque “grab ‘em by the p****” remarks and include Trump’s use of “the n-word.”4 These incriminating tapes are currently locked away by MGM Television CEO, Mark Burnett. As long as Mark Burnett and MGM Television keep these tapes locked away, they are colluding with this administration and enabling Trump’s predatory behavior. We deserve to know what’s on the Trump tapes.

Tell Mark Burnett and MGM Television to release the tapes!

Last year, Mark Burnett allegedly levied a $5 million dollar fine and threatened to sue anyone who leaks inflammatory Trump footage, citing contracts that prevent him from releasing the footage.5 But many prominent legal figures have disputed the legal and contractual obligations cited by Burnett, some going so far as to call them “total bullsh*t.”6 As long as Burnett sits on these tapes, he cosigns Trump’s disgusting and violent behavior.

Tell Mark Burnett and MGM Television to release the tapes!

We know that Donald Trump has a long history of disturbing and grotesque behavior with at least three major accusations of rape including the rape of a thirteen-year-old girl.7 Additionally, more than twenty former “Apprentice” cast and crew members stated that while on the show, Trump openly rated female cast members by breast size and expressed interest in having sex with them.8

By refusing to release the tapes of Donald Trump’s violent sexual misbehavior, Mark Burnett and MGM Television are actively colluding with this administration to shield Trump from the consequences of his appalling actions. Instead of standing up for women; they are enabling the secretive cronyism and protection of wealthy bigots that has plagued our politics for too long.

Tell Mark Burnett and MGM Television to release the tapes!

Until justice is real,

–Brandi, Rashad, Arisha, Evan, Johnny, Jade, Corina, Chad, Saréya, and the rest of the Color Of Changeteam


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