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January 21, 2018


Sign the petition: Abortion rights are not negotiable. Period.

Kristina Powell, Democracy for America You don’t often hear from me. Normally, I am working behind the scenes, updating Excel sheets and tracking finances to make sure that Democracy for America members and staff have the resources they need to make change happen. But I felt it was necessary to step out of my comfort

Inform rapist before an abortion?!—NO

Arkansas has just passed a law requiring a woman to inform a man–even if it’s her rapist–before she gets an abortion. Will you chip in $5 to help fight back? In an absolutely brutal attack on reproductive freedom, Arkansas just passed a law requiring a woman to inform the man who impregnated her before she can

Trump Is Grabbing Our Pussies-Trump is Gutting the Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women programs

From the UltraViolet team please sign and pass along…. We’re SO so so inspired by the energy, commitment and passion we witnessed at the Women’s Marches all over the country this weekend! And now we urgently need to mobilize that energy towards stopping Trump’s dangerous agenda–the Trump administration just announced plans to gut the Department of

Standing Our Ground, Our Bodies, Our Choice

Standing Our Ground, Our Bodies, Our Choice Researchers just destroyed a key belief underlying the GOP’s anti-abortion laws…… The question of women’s mental health has long been at the center of the abortion conversation, namely that the procedure will negatively impact women. This, in addition to the political policing of female bodily autonomy and sexuality, lead to

When did the Right to Life become the right to TERRORIZE??

Operation Save America (OSA) is waging its annual harass-a-thon in Wichita, Kansas, from July 16-23. They are holding daily protests in front of Planned Parenthood and the South Wind Women’s Center, complete with gory fetus posters, preaching their twisted version of the Christian bible, and badgering and shaming anyone coming to the clinics – or

Worse than Trump?-Mike Pence-Spread the Word

Never heard of Governor Mike Pence–Donald Trump’s new running mate? Neither have most people. But his record is downright horrifying for women–and we need to get the word out. He has made a career out of destroying Planned Parenthood, Roe v Wade, and every single protection for LGBT people.1 He cut over $1 million from

A New LOW, Even for Texas-Sign This Petition

The state of Texas is lying to pregnant women. Days after the Supreme Court struck down its draconian abortion law, Texas’ anti-woman officials are at it again. Texas requires abortion providers hand out a pamphlet to patients. It’s 24 pages of medically inaccurate information, including claims that abortion is linked to breast cancer, infertility, and

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