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July 26, 2017


The man who killed Jordan Edwards indicted for a 2nd crime!

A grand jury in Dallas just indicted Roy Oliver, the officer who killed Jordan Edwards, on aggravated assault charges in ANOTHER incident of police misconduct.1 Just two weeks before Roy Oliver killed Jordan Edwards, he jumped out of his car and pulled a gun on a driver in a fender bender accident, putting the driver’s life

Sign the petition: Justice for Charleena Lyles.

The system and the police officers that killed my cousin, Charleena Lyles, are guilty. We demand JUSTICE! Two days after Philando Castile’s killer walked free, my cousin, a pregnant Black mother, was gunned down in Seattle after she called 911 for help. We need to say her name: Charleena Lyles. On Sunday morning, my cousin Charleena

The police killed my son in front of me!-“Fire and charge the officers who killed Desmond Phillips.”

David Phillips just started a petition to Chico Police Department and California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra demanding that the: Police Department immediately fire the officers involved in killing Desmond Phillips and that the California State Attorney General press charges against the officers who killed Desmond Phillips. Here’s why this is important:  On March 17th, Chico Police

Say ‘No’ to Sessions’ War on Drugs-Tell Congress: We can’t repeat the horrific mistakes of the past. Block Sessions.

Jeff Sessions is trying to reignite the War on Drugs, but we can’t let him. Just this morning, Sessions released a memo ordering all 94 U.S. Attorneys to seek out the harshest possible sentences for drug offenses–undoing years of work and reversing the historic policy reforms of former Attorney General Eric Holder.1 Mandatory minimum sentencing

Sign the petition: Tell California to end the money bail system-Dog the Bounty Hunter and the entire bail bonds industry profits off the suffering of Black women and families.

California is on the brink of passing landmark criminal justice reform that would end the cruel cycle of incarceration and bail debt for thousands of families. But corporate bail profiteers and the Trump coalition are pulling out all the stops trying to kill it. At a recent bail reform hearing, our partner, Essie Justice Group

He Was a Kid-Demand the Balch Springs police officer is fired and criminally charged for the killing of Jordan Edwards.

He was a kid. Only 15 years old. An honor roll high school freshman in Balch Springs, Texas. He didn’t deserve to die. On Saturdaynight, Jordan Edwards was leaving a party with his friends at the same time that police arrived–responding to a call about “drunken” teenagers walking around. One of the officers fired a rifle

Justice for the Jax 5-Tell State Attorney Nelson: Protect People Not Police!

Freedom of speech is becoming even more of a crime under Trump’s reign. This weekend during an anti-Syrian war protest, a Trump supporter antagonized peaceful protesters, storming the speakers’ platform and physically assaulting them to start a fight. Instead of helping, four police officers tackled and brutalized the action organizer Connell Crooms, one of a few

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